Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars)


Composer : Bruno Mars


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Locked Out Of Heaven

Bruno Mars

Title released in 2012 on Bruno Mars’ second album “Unorthodox Jukebox”. Significant of the current Pop the song is co-signed by no less than 6 people (including Bruno Mars anyway).
It’s a Reggae / Rock song in the style of Police. Some even spoke about plagiarism which seems a bit excessive to me. But some passages can remind “Can’t Stand Losing You”.
For the Stick version I transcribed the guitar part in the right hand and the bass part in the left hand. Then on the chorus I added some synth gimmicks. The whole forms a really nice rhythmic counterpoint full of groove and energy. Start by working each hand separately and then visualize how each chord falls in relation to the bass. Then come from the letter B a more rocky part with an eighth note bass and chord riffs sounding like brass in the right hand. And from bar 33 the same gimmick of three synth notes but on two different chords (F then C), then return of the brass, then return of the synth. Once there, no new part but a series of variations around the existing parts.
Note the pitch of the voice !! I don’t know if you or the singer of your band will be able to sing at this height but it’s still very high (A and
Bb ….). It’s almost a woman’s tessitura, but it’s a bit Bruno Mars’ trademark.
If it’s ever too high for you, once you own the piece, you can always transpose it a few tones lower. By obviously adapting the fingerings. The tablatures will no longer be valid after transposition. It’s up to you to adapt.
This piece is a very good rhythmic exercise of independence of both hands. And it is a very well constructed rhythmic.

And moreover Bruno Mars it always pleases the girls 😉


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Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars)