Let’s go !

Salutations to all the people of Stick planet !

That’s it, let’s go.

After long months of conception and realization, the AdM association is very happy to announce the official launch of the first website entirely dedicated to Chapman® Stick scores: stickmusicscores.com. You will find there a first selection of pop/jazz/classical pieces, composed and arranged for the Stick®, as well as educational pdf files.

Our approach ?
To propose transcriptions, as clear and precise as possible, at an affordable price, and to allow all players, whatever their level, to interpret all these treasures of the popular music of the last 50 years on our favorite instrument. We have created this site in a professional way, both in terms of security (banking and web) and in terms of legal aspects (cookie management, RGPD, terms and agrements)

We hope that a community of exchange and sharing will develop around these scores. It is in this spirit that this blog page is open.

For information, the MP3 Midi will be progressively replaced by live versions of “real” Chapman® Stick.

Feel free to leave your comments, your experiences, your questions, as well as for everything concerning sheet music, and the Chapman® Stick in general.

See you soon and thank you for your support.

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