Summertine (George Gershwin)


Composer : George Gershwin


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George Gershwin

Famous jazz standard by Georges Gershwin taken from the opera “Porgy and Bess” (1935)
The piece is in A minor. On some versions the first 4 bars are on the Am chord only. I chose a more varied Am/D7 alternation.

The left hand sets the harmony of the piece: tonic 1° beat, 2 notes of the chord 2° beat freeing the right hand to expose the melody and play the solo.
Simple structure of two times 16 bars.

For the solo I propose to use the blues scale of A (A,C,D,Eb,E,G) on the four measures of Am7/D7 to enter the sound of the blues on the Stick and thus to detach a little from the chords. On the rest of the grid play well on the chords to mark the contrast. And then this grid offers very beautiful melodic improvisation paths.

But remember that in the spirit Summertime is a blues!


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Summertine (George Gershwin)