Wrapped Around Your Finger (Sting)


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Wrapped Around Your Finger


Composition of Sting, featured on the Police album “Synchronicity” released in 1983.
The general groove is reggae-inspired, especially the bass part. The main part of the track turns on two bars, one and a half bar on A minor and the 3rd and 4th beats of the 2nd bar on E minor. The general groove is a rhythmic combination of the two hands corresponding to the bass part and the keyboard riff, passed in a delay which adds rhythmic ornaments to it but which are not played by the instrument. Work the pattern very slowly to found out where each hand falls in relation to the other (separately / together) as these two bars make up the basic of the song. Generally speaking it is a work of decomposition to be done on each piece with a complex rhythm between the two hands.

Then the right hand plays the introduction melody (bar 5), which will come back for the coda, played by a glockenspiel on the original version. Note that the melody is very syncopated compared to the bass, which is much more on the beat.

The chorus (letter B) is on a much more rock rhythm. Note the pattern on Fmaj7 (bar 39), where the right hand plays an eighth-note pattern while letting the G played by the 3rd finger resonate on the 2nd beat, thus forming a kind of Fmaj7/9 and the left hand plays a 10° chord (F and A in the octave) while letting the A resonate the whole bar and playing the pulse rock (dotted quarter / eighth note) with the 1st finger. This is a magical concept to be developed on the Stick which draws a third part in addition to the bass and the melody.

Finally the bridge (letter D) based on a simple but beautiful harmonic progression in A minor, 8 bars played twice. A first time where both hands are in rhythmic unison (dotted quarter note / eighth note with 5 tone chords) and a second time with a rock riff in the left hand (fundamental and the two notes of the chord in the treble) and the right hand playing a small counterpoint of 4 notes but shifted, starting on the 3rd beat of the bar. All the subtlety of Andy Summer!

Finally the piece ends with the melody of the intro played with the right hand and the left hand playing the bass riff by intercalating the thirds of the chords to make the harmony heard.
Like many Police tracks “Wrapped around your finger” is a very nice song to play on the Stick.
Once you have learned the song you can always make an instrumental version of it by playing the melody with your right hand and creating a left hand part that integrates the bass and keyboard parts. This is how I proceed for my instrumental transcriptions.
Let your creativity speak for itself, this piece allows it.


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Wrapped Around Your Finger (Sting)