Invention n° 1 (J.S.Bach)


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Invention n°1

Jean Sebastien Bach

The Inventions are pedagogical pieces, begun in 1720 by Johann Sebastian Bach for his eldest son Wilhelm Friedmann.
The collection includes 15 two-part Inventions covering almost all tonalities. They were not published during Bach’s lifetime, but manuscript copies circulated throughout Europe.

This Invention n°1 is a typical keyboard piece; its transcription and realization on the Stick are not easy because of the fifth/fourth tuning, the two hands not evolving in the same logic.

But it remains nevertheless a remarkable work on scales and counterpoint writing. You can use it as a warm-up before a work session. I’ve been working on it for about twenty years and I consider it a bit like an exercise, unlike the prelude with which it’s easier to “make music” out of it.

But I am not Glenn Gould 😎

The piece is a kind of question/answer where both hands converse together, answering each other in an incredibly balanced counterpoint.

Some phrases, especially in the left hand, are really not simple. Feel free to work them slowly with your hands apart. And when you manage to fit the two hands together well, where each note of each hand harmonizes on such a fast sixteenth note flow, it’s magical.

Once again, consider this piece as an exercise that will allow you to discover melodic paths on your fretboard that you probably never would have thought of.


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Invention n° 1 (J.S.Bach)